Conference Details:

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following conference tracks:

Track 1 : Renewable Energy and Environment

  1. Biomass and biofuels
  2. Waste-to-energy
  3. Fuel cells
  4. Energy integration and storage
  5. Thermo chemical and hydrogen storage
  6. Electrochemical storage
  7. Energy, environment and society
  8. Energy conservation and auditing
  9. Wind Energy and its application
  10. Tidal energy and its application
  11. Geothermal energy and its application
  12. Nuclear energy and its application
  13. Material development for energy storage

Track 2: Photovoltaic Solar Energy and Wind Energy Technology

  1. PV Module Design, Manufacture, Performance and Reliability
  2. Sustainability and Recycling
  3. Performance of PV Systems
  4. Novel Concepts for PV Modules
  5. Module Aging and Degradation
  6. Imaging and Fault Detection in PV Systems
  7. Novel Concepts for Materials and Solar Cells
  8. Soiling, Degradation and Failure Diagnosis of PV Systems
  9. PV Driven Energy Management and System Integration
  10. Solar Resource and Forecasting
  11. Design and Installation of PV Systems / Storage
  12. Operation, Performance and Maintenance of PV Systems
  13. Costs, Economics, Finance and Markets / Policies and Scenarios for Renewables, Societal and Global Challenges
  14. Wind energy technologies
  15. Wind Energy and its environmental impact
  16. Off-shore wind energy
  17. Roof top wind mill

Track 3: Smart Grid Technologies

  1. Power Electronic Converters and Control Systems
  2. Distributed generation and Grid Interconnection
  3. Electric Vehicles
  4. Energy Storage & Battery Charging Techniques
  5. Power Quality & EMI
  6. Microgrid & Smartgrid
  7. Energy Policies & Standards
  8. Wide Band Gap Devices
  9. Lighting Technology
  10. Power Electronic Education

Track 4: Recent trends for Simulation, Modelling and Optimization techniques in related areas

  1. Modeling and simulation on optimizing process and design parameters
  2. Validation of mathematical models used in computer simulation
  3. Modeling on Multi-criteria decision theory
  4. Modeling on Multi-attributes decision theory
  5. Computational modeling
  6. Statistical evaluation and demand on inventory model
  7. Modeling on Constraint and Unconstraint optimization
  8. Modeling on Differential equations
  9. Discrete Mathematics and Graph Theory
  10. Modeling of Fluid Dynamics
  11. Design Analysis of Algorithm
  12. Cryptography and Abstract Algebra