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  • Department of Chemical Engineering
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Welcome to Department of Chemical Engineering

Guided by the values of C. V. Raman College of Engineering, we will achieve our mission by the following goals:

  • To offer a rich array of challenging academic programs.
  • Facilitate developing metacognitive skills while encouraging a high level of student engagement
  • To provide intellectual, cultural, and social activities which support the development of the individual.
  • To provide lifelong learning opportunities to the people of Odisha and India.
  • To collaborate with other post-secondary education institutions and research institutes.
  • To build mutually beneficial relationships with other public and private organizations.
  • To ensure that our activities are consistent with environmental responsibility.
  • To include a global perspective in our endeavours.
  • To inspire in our students love of learning and critical thinking.
  • To encourage activities leading to discovery so we can contribute to the expansion of knowledge.
  • To encourage integration of knowledge so we can encourage innovative thinking.